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PU (polyurethane) is another high gloss finish recommended for luxury projects by most interior designers


Spruce up your kitchen with shades of welcoming yellow, courtesy the Inspire range of coloured lacquered glass


Acrylic kitchen design is used as an alternative to glass or laminate. An acrylic cabinet door is made of wood


Laminate is a particularly hard-wearing material that resists the majority of scratches and nicks that kitchens

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FAQ About Modular Kitchens Designs

Modular kitchens are pre-assembled kitchens that come in different components and can be easily configured to meet your space and style needs.
Modular kitchens are budget-friendly, long-lasting, easy-to-use kitchens that can be customised to your preference. They are easy to install and can be dismantled and moved to new homes easily.
Some of the most popular kitchen design layouts are – The One Wall Kitchen The Gallery Kitchen L-Shaped Kitchen U-Shaped Kitchen The Island Kitchen The Peninsula Kitchen. At Livspace Design Ideas we’ve got design inspiration for a number of kitchen layouts to help you style your dream kitchen and give it the look you’ve always wanted.
Understand your kitchen layout, list your requirements and pick a modular kitchen design depending on your budget and requirements. You can also get in touch with an expert interior designer from Livspace, who can recommend and craft the perfect modular kitchen for your home.
Modular kitchens are customisable, easy to maintain, come with a variety of options for all types of budgets and are easy to install.
Try simple layouts like a straight kitchen layout or a parallel kitchen layout. Keep design elements to a minimum, maybe opt for a minimalist look. Ensure the design follows the golden triangle rule to make the most of your small kitchen. Additionally, try to use loft and wall unit cabinets to improve storage space without compromising on your cooking and cleaning space.
Modular kitchen design prices start from 1.37 Lakhs. The exact pricing depends on various factors like the city you are in, the size of your kitchen, the materials used etc.
For budget-friendly kitchens, try MDF or plywood with acrylic finishes. Go for HDMR materials and glass finishes for higher durability and aesthetic purposes. To read more about materials and finishes check this out.
Installing a modular kitchen is a hassle-free experience. The units are factory-made and pre-assembled, they just have to be installed in your space. Keep your kitchen bare, and clean for an easy installation. Additionally, have the modular kitchen units installed before working on the plumbing and electrical aspects of your kitchen.
Forever modular has delivered over 50k homes across 32 cities. Our customisable modular kitchens are built using superior technology (AquaBlock for water resistance, Relimould and AntiBubble technology for durable cabinets) with 146 quality tests. We also offer a 10-year warranty on modular solutions. Talk to a Designer today to get a Free Quote. You can browse through our extensive and updated modular kitchen designs photos and catalogue here.
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